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Tosa Inu started gathering people from
different parts of the world to help with
feeding homeless dogs with
foods,vitamins,medical or vet
treatmentand so on. We have
seen a lot of cases of dogs who
had been neglected, left alone in
the street, being abused,
begging & starving for food
and love for humans. It is very
heart wrenching to witness
these kinds of situations.

They also deserve to be
loved & treated with care,
and a forever family that will
never abandon them.
We are so proud and honored
that we take part in this kind of event, cause every pounds/penny that we give are all worth it. A Big No to abuse! Yes to Donations For Charity Donation we accept ETH/USDT.

Wallet Address - 0xe93F3348768ca18b333332Aa1d940fb0b4f6BD3E

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